La Quebrada de los Cuervos, Sierras del Yerbal and Olimar River

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In order to help you discover our region, contributing to the local economic development, all the activities are organized by our neighbors and they have an additional cost.

They should be confirmed in advanced and are subject to the schedule of the local guide and weather conditions.

To coordinate any of the activities, get in touch directly with the local guides, or CONTACT US and we will help you arrange your agenda during the days that you stay with us.

Walking Adventure


Visit Uruguay’s 1st Natural Protected Area, La Quebrada de los Cuervos, enjoying the views and landscape of the Sierras del Yerbal.

Accompanied by a local guide, discover beautiful hidden places located in neighbouring private farms, inside the protected area.

All prices include access to private properties. For groups of 4 or more people, ask for special rates.

Local guide: Matías (+598) 92 237 893

Instagram: @aventuranativa

La Quebrada de los Cuervos (panoramic views)

  • US$ 25 (per person)
  • Length – 10 Km.
  • Time – aprox. 5 hours
  • Trekking Level – moderate/advanced

Cañada del Brujo

  • US$ 22 (per person)
  • Length – 7,5 Km.
  • Time – aprox. 4 hours
  • Trekking Level – moderate
Hills and landscape

horseback riding

The horses and the Quebradas work to create a sensory and interpretive experience. The horse will guide us, allowing to see the landscape from another perspective.

During the rides, from afar, we will be able to appreciate the deep valleys of the Sierras del Yerbal and their magical gorges. 

Local guide: Iván (+598) 98 834 456

Instagram: @jualbilú

Panoramic Ride

The ride starts with an introduction into horseback riding. This experience is suitable for starters. The path passes through the surroundings of a hill where we can contemplate the horizon where the Yerbal Chico stream passes.

  • US$ 15 per person
  • Time – aprox. 1 hour
  • Riding level – beginner

“La Crucera” Ride

We will cross high and low areas of the hills crossing a gorge called “La Crucera” and a bridge over the Yerbal stream. This is a great opportunity to see grassland birds such as Pecho Amarillo, Dragon and other species that the creek shelters.

  • US$ 21 per person
  • Time – aprox. 2 hours
  • Riding Level – moderate

“La Quebrada” Ride and Trekking

La Quebrada is one of the experiences where we combine horseback riding with trekking in the Public Path of the National Park, La Quebrada de los Cuervos.

  • US$ 42 per person
  • Time – aprox. 4,5 hours
  • Difficulty Level – advanced

WARNING: Water, Sun Protection and Riding Footwear are recommended for all Rides. 

Water adventure


Local guide: Matías (+598) 92 237 893

Instagram: @aventuranativa

Canoeing – “Olimar arriba”

In the waters of the Olimar River, an introduction is made about native flora and fauna, and brief cultural historical review of Treinta y Tres.

  • US$ 35 (per person)
  • Includes: transfers within the activity, hydration, boat and equipment, water security and photos during the tour.
  • Time – 4 hours
  • Length – 10 km.
  • Difficulty level – moderate

Canoeing and Trekking – “Isla del Padre”

15 km from the town of La Charqueada you can visit Isla del Padre, one of the places of Treinta y Tres with greater natural diversity. An introduction is made to the history of this populated center, its influence on the island, local customs, its native flora and fauna.

  • US$ 65 (per person)
  • Includes: transfers within the activity, hydration, boat and equipment, water security and photos during the tour.
  • Time – 8 hours
  • Length – 20 km.
  • Difficulty level – advanced

WARNING: It is recommended to bring a hat, sunglasses, protector, repellent, reusable bottle, comfortable clothes for rowing and a second change for the end of the crossing.

Local Legends

The way of dionisio

May 9, 1929. 5 km. Pueblo El Oro, Treinta y Tres.

Dionisio, a 9-year-old boy, fatally wounded with a knife, carrying his 1-year-old sister, Marina, to save her from his mother’s killer.

After walking for hours, Dionisio reaches his destination, saves Marina and dies the next day, on the way to the hospital. A legend is born loaded with heroism, courage and love.

Live the experience of “The Way of Dionisio”. Remembering his feat and learning popular stories.

A tribute to the child hero, from Pueblo El Oro.

Local guide: Matías (+598) 92 237 893

Instagram: @aventuranativa

  • US$ 25 (per person)
  • Includes: transfers within the activity, local guide, photos during the tour and snack.
  • Length – 5 Km.
  • Time – aprox. 2 hours
  • Trekking Level – moderate

WARNING: Water, Sun Protection, hat and Trekking Footwear are recommended.

Local culture

gaucho & tradition

A day at Angélica’s

Very close to La Quebrada de los Cuervos, after a delicious traditional lunch, spend an afternoon lost in the hills, with Angélica and her family.

Join or accompany daily gaucho activities. One day gathering the cattle, another vaccinating or curing the sheep and others planting or harvesting in the farm.

Live the warmth and charm of our country life, its gastronomy, customs and activities, and end the afternoon enjoying a homemade snack with freshly home baked pastries.

  • USD 30 per person
  • Duration: from noon until sunset
  • Local guides: Angélica & family


  • Traditional homemade lunch.
  • Daily Uruguayan country activities, trekking or horseback riding.
  • Afternoon coffee or tea, with homemade pastries.
Culture Tours


Pica Palo Experience – Wood carving

It is all in our hands. Through this experience we invite you to live the forest from the eyes of a wood carver, which is carried away by the natural forms she finds. You will have the opportunity to take an introductory class on wood carving techniques and tools at Pica Palo Studio by Benjazmina Barceló.

  • USD 50 per person (Does not include transportation)
  • Dates and times: To coordinate.
  • Duration: 5 hours
  • Local guides: Benjazmina and Marina


  • A walk through native forest.
  • Wood carving introductory class at Pica Palo Studio.
  • Materials and tools.
  • Guide in english, portuguese and spanish.
  • Appetizer and drinks.

Arts and Crafts Tour

Artists and artisans from Treinta y Tres open their doors for you to meet the most intimate places of their creative processes.  Painting, wood carving, literature, ceramics, wood furniture restoration and textiles are part of this proposal.

  • from USD 30 per person, for groups  (Does not include transportation)
  • Dates and times: Saturdays and sundays 4 pm. Ask for tours on weekdays or other schedule.
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Local guides: Benjazmina and Marina


  • Visits to three studios/creative places in Treinta y Tres city.
  • Guide in english, portuguese and spanish.
  • Appetizer and drinks.

What else do you need to know:

  • By doing this tour you are being a part and contributing to the local creative processes.
  • The meeting points will be confirmed once the reservation has been made.
  • The visit to the studios is according to the availability of artists or craftsmans, therefore the same route is not always carried out.

Far from the city. Surrounded by pine trees and nature.

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